Garlic with grATTitude

Fresh garlic OMG

You know how it is. Smelling a fresh new bulb of garlic, cracking open a fresh new bulb of garlic, slicing in to a FRESH, NEW bulb of garlic…So tender and juicy, you can even eat the skins. And then there is the actual eating of that freshly harvested garlic. You can taste it, I know.

The garlic has almost all been pulled and I am very happy with the harvest so far. Here’s a reminder of what we grow. Two varieties that I have trialed over the last decade and that I like the most: Susan Delafield and Sicilian, along with a small number of Russian Red because I love their looks. Susie D and Red Russian are both hardnecks with about 4 large, easy to peel cloves. Sicilian is a softneck with around 8 medium to small cloves, that are terrific crushed.  Susie D is much like Music and stores well. Sicilian – featured in the photo below – is the star keeper and can last until next year’s garlic is harvested

I’m selling in $20 bundles again. Let me know what variety you’d like and if you prefer small, medium or large bulbs.  For those of you who constantly run out of garlic, may I suggest you stock up and avoid disappointment? It stores well – and adds art to your home: show them off in a beautiful bowl or upright in a vase, hang them from a high ledge somewhere. Just make sure there is air, the temperature is relatively stable and they are not in the sun.

Garlic Harvest 2019 Sicilian.jpg
Sicilian Silver – an Artichoke variety that stores super well

What makes our garlic GREAT? It is grown with extreme care and attention to detail by hand only. This year, we have been very lucky – no leek moth! This is a first since we started growing for sale 11 years ago.  Our solar powered fans are now ensuring that they will be well cured (unless you can’t wait that long) without the use of fossil fuels. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic.

Shiitakes 2019.jpg
Just like summer, the logs kept us waiting. But here they come. Always worth the wait. Fresh shiitake are so substantial. While supplies last!

Looking for more than garlic?

We have other goodies too:

  • “the best maple syrup ever” $24/1 litre mason jar
  • “the absolute best mushrooms – ever!” – Shiitake Mushrooms $5/115gram bag
  • the prettiest bouquet of Sunflowers $1/stem
  • and “you should have seen us eat the salad with your greens. It was delicious!!!” assortment of vegetables – please ask for a list of what the gardens are providing
This year we have ramped up our medicinal wildflower harvest and are supplying the wonderful with fresh flowers. Magdalena’s formulations are out of this world. An absolute treat. Woman Divine posts gorgeous photos (including of our flowers) here.

good things come to those who wait

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones, a procrastinator perhaps, who has not yet stocked up on syrup from the woods. If so you are in for a treat. The season started late but in the end, the bounty was sweet.

Thanks to our partners, Rick and Suzanne, we have a snazzy sugar shack with refurbished windows and doors to look out at the beautiful trees; a stove that burns our wood efficiently and an evaporator that does its magic. Turning fresh sap into delicious syrup.

Our forest, including the sugar bush, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We use good old fashioned pails (well, not THAT old fashioned!) and fetch the sap with buckets by hand, walking along lovely trails.  We get the hardwood to fire the stove from our forest. Rick and Suz bring in the softwood from their neck of the woods just minutes away.

Taste the magic

Email me directly or pick up a bottle when you check out Woman Divine or The Happy Spine in the west end of Ottawa. Toronto folks, I am headed your way at the end of the month.

Flash back: making and EATING taffy with Jérémy, Lisa and Andrew during the 2018 season.

Garlic is ready in all it’s glory

Garlic: Serve it up on a platter


Good morning friends. The moon is still setting outside as the glorious sun rises. We have had less rain than needed this summer and yet the Earth has continued to provide. We have a lovely hare visiting us at all hours this year. S/he is hanging out in the garlic shed; the sweetest little guardian.

I have honed in on the two varieties I like best, Susan Delafield and Sicilian, whilst keeping a small number of Russian Red and Music for those of you who must have your fix of these. Susie D and Sicilian are different: one is hardneck and one is a softneck. One scapes and one doesn’t. They are both super flavourful. Susan has about 4 large cloves and is easy to peel. Sicilian has around 8 medium to small cloves, that are terrific crushed. Sicilian lasts. In fact, there are still a few little Sicilians in my pantry from last year’s harvest. I grow smaller amounts now and am enjoying that; caring for the bulbs is less onerous this way.

This year I suggest you store or better said, display, your garlic on an open counter or table, out of the sun, in the middle of a room. Show it off on a platter. It is a prize possession. Like Andy Goldworthy‘s ephemeral land art: it will grace your home until it disappears back to nature from whence it came. And you might allow it to go out with a bang: as part of an artful (and nourishing) meal.

I sell by the bulb at organic market prices ranging from $1 for a wee one to $3 for a jumbo bulb. Most are between $2 and $2.50. Your garlic purchase is a statement. All your food choices are à la Michael Pollan. Two name drops in one email…forgive me.

What makes our garlic GREAT?

It is grown with extreme care and attention to detail by hand only. This year, the thick beautiful hay mulch allowed the bulbs to swell in spite of the drought. Little larvae are picked off by hand and the fans for drying are powered by the sun and turned just right twice a day. Little to no fossil fuels are served up on this diet. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic that tastes fresh, delicious and that will store as long as the variety and conditions will allow. Money back.


Andrew continues to refine the art of growing shiitake. We have a couple hundred logs in production now and the current crop is beautiful. And delicious. Earthy and rich. Would you like to add some to your garlic order? $5 for 115 gram.

“the best maple syrup ever” is what we hear and not just from our own family. There a few bottles remaining: 1Litre $22, 500ml $12 and $250ml $9. Pure gold.

Maple Syrup

Nourished in Nature Day Retreat

retreat:image CreeknTree Farm 2017

A post shared by M A G D A L E N A (@womandivineskincare) on ’m sooo excited to share this with you! Our very first day retreat is coming August 18th! Hope to see you there😀 … Join Magdalena, Susie and Anne for our beautiful Nourished in Nature day retreat in the country. We invite you to an experience in nature, surrounded by native plants, bees, butterflies and the intoxicating scent of Summer. This will be a day of reconnecting with our environment, ourselves and the beauty of it all, paying a visit to plants (some are the stars in Woman Divine products and treatments), sharing the purest, the freshest and most delicious meal and playing alchemists as we make skin healing products together. All in the company of beautiful women on the enchanted land of Susie Osler in Lanark County, just outside of Perth, ON. This one is not to be missed! Find more info and to register: Woman Divine’s Nourished in Nature Day Retreat.

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eSCAPE in to good food 💗

Remember these babies?!

Well, they are back. Earth’s annual solstice offering.

On pizza?

As a pesto? In pasta? Pickled?

Or my favourite and easiest: grilled. Whole on the BBQ, smothered in a nice oil and sea salt. Finger food.

Oh, and with Shiitake of course.

Simple Scape Dip 2017

Scapes, mint, walnuts, maple syrup, yoghurt or kefir  and salt whipped up to your taste in a blender.

Put it in your favourite bowl, garnish with a mint leaf and edible viola (as in the pic above).

Et voilà. 10 minutes later, ready to dip in or spread.

It’s not too early to order garlic: seed or table. The very best of what I have. 

Blessed by the trees

pure sweet magical maple syrup

Our forest is sustainably managed and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our gardens are grown according to Canada’s organic standards. Our land is loved. Our maple trees are tapped with one old fashioned pail at a time. Wood fuels the stove and the sap becomes syrup. What is not magic about this?


Email me directly and we will get it to you promptly. Right on time to satiate your craving. Or really indulge yourself and visit where you can pick up a bottle as well as the most lovely treatment imaginable. Really.

Here are our friends Rick and Suzanne who have made this dream come true. They bring all the skills and love of sugaring and together with the sugar bush that we are so lucky to be stewards of, magic happens.


Garlic for life. And death

Susan Delafield

Garlic time again. The geese keep coming back in the spring and the garlic keeps being pulled in the summer. The routine is comforting. In spite of the crazy change of climate these past two years from drought to flood, we have been fortunate to once again harvest beautiful, nutritious bulbs. More details below.

This year all our garlic (and SUNflowers) will be sold in honour of my dear sister, Akka, who died on April 24th. She loved our garlic and was our champion in so many ways. Akka died at home over a 4 month period. Andrew and I had the great privilege of looking after her. She received incredible professional care and yet the lack of palliative understanding became achingly clear.

Our sales will go towards supporting efforts to bring hospice and its extended services to this area of the world, the place that Akka loved so much and was thrilled to call home.

Last October…planting this year’s garlic. Akka waving.
Thanks to the rest of the team: Pat, Melissa, Delia and Tracey

$5 /bag 115 grams

We also have earthy, rich shiitake mushrooms coming in and have been hoarding a nice big, bundle of scapes.

$5/nice big bundle




current favourite recipe

Scapes, mint, walnuts, maple syrup, yoghurt or kefir  and salt whipped up to your taste in a blender.
Put it in your favourite bowl garnish with a mint leaf and edible viola.
Et voilà. 10 minutes later, ready to dip in or spread.


baby zucchinis
super fresh whole garlic cloves
whole sage leaves
your favourite oil
bake at 350

Garlic Info
For those of you who know our garlic, you can skip over most of this. The only difference this year is that we are selling in bundles of $20. Why? It is so much easier to tally and process and, truthfully, most of you will go through $20 in no time and then just come back for more! (Of course, you can order as much or as little as you want but we really want to try this out). Our garlic is perfect both for planting as well as eating. We treat each and every clove and bulb with care from harvest to planting and all along the way, through cleaning, curing, transporting, and cracking. If a bulb is dropped, bruised or scraped or just lackluster, it goes immediately in to our own kitchen. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic that tastes fresh, delicious and that will store as long as the variety and conditions will allow.  There are six varieties for you to choose from. All of them are beautiful specimens.

Red Russian – large cloves, lovely colour, easy to peel,

Sicilian – smaller cloves, sharp taste and super long lasting

Susan Delafield and Music – large cloves and excellent storage

Persian and Ukranian – medium sized cloves, nice taste, good storage and great heritage

Deliveries of garlic to Aylmer, Ottawa, Perth and Toronto.
Sunflowers and Shiitake are for locals only, I’m afraid.
Please share with friends, family and colleagues.

$1 per flower in pretty bunches of 6

Click here to order.