Even though the website is under construction and this page will be properly developed at some point, here is just a very quick and incomplete list of the many we have to thank.

No account or display of our land, love, farm and products would be complete without a huge nod to the many people and acts of generosity that have made it all possible.

If you don’t seee your name here and you think it should be…you are probably right! Keep checking; we are constantly remembering how many people contribute to our lives each day.

So, in no particular order:

Our parents – both sets – for helping us purchase our first home and this land. Merci Mam, Pap, Dad and Mum.

Jill and Andy – for preparing us for the excruciating house-build process and reminding us of “maybe yes, maybe no”!

Akka – for her kindness and constant readiness to help out. And Nango, for always thinking of what I might need and how she can get it to me, no matter how.

Ajahn Viradhammo (Luang Por) for settling in the area, offering priceless teachings and blessing us and our homes, wherever we go.

Ayya Medhanandi for many words of wisdom when looking for and settling on our land; especially with regards to the unexpected (and initially heartbreaking) sounds/noises from the road.

Delia, Pat, Ann, Tracey, Akka, Nango, Martin and Fiona for early garden help, making beds, picking rocks, pulling garlic….picking more rocks. Geer for being part of our first fruit tree plantings and log inoculations.

Nissanka, Hemantha, Peter, Diane, Bob for the very first year of garlic planting on the new land….cold and wet, with just a few rocks obstructing things.

The folks that designed and built our house and solar system: Frank Tettermer, Mark Tritton, Mike McGhearn. And Phil Jones for choosing the best spot possible and getting it all underway.

Friends who helped through our house-build melt-downs: especially Cathy and Nanna who guided me (Anne) through the lyme episode and Adrienne and Lynda through shingles. May you both be free from pain as I now am.

Gail Brown who goes out of her way to buy our kombucha, sauerkraut, mushrooms and greens. I am grateful to these very special customers who have, over the years, spurred me on to micro farm!

Art Kelly for kindly answering our off-grid questions.

Our great farmer neighbour, John Weatherhead, for being really the best neighbour we lovers of nice people and good food, machine challenged, micro growers could ever have.

Paul Pospisil for always answering garlic questions no matter how small or insecure (!) they may be.

To all our recurring customers and friends from Aylmer and Ottawa who stick by and encourage us along the way.

for more gratitude see:  Aylmer Backyard Farms gratitude.

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