Maple Syrup

Come, enjoy your maple syrup.

Our maple syrup comes from our sustainably managed, Forest Stewardship Council certified forest. It is boiled lovingly and painstakingly for hours and hours in our little sugar shack, built into the woods, by our good friends, Rick and Suzanne. We feed the stove with wood from our own forest and  neighbours while the geese return over head and we are blessed with all manner of lovely birds: owls mating, bald eagle circling the shack, the silly nuthatches and ever sweet chickadees.
in a glass jartotally transparent!
This is maple syrup at it’s best. From our woods to you: each batch has its own unique flavour and thickness. The variation is our seal of authenticity and homegrown goodness.

Pick up a bottle at Woman Divine in Westboro, Ottawa or just  send us a note and we’ll get it to you in time to satiate your craving.

1L – $24, 500 ml – $15

There is more to maple syrup than just being sweet and delicious:
  • scientists say compounds in the sweet Canadian staple could protect against diseases in the brain, particularly Alzheimer’s.
  • it helps us fulfill our daily value of micro nutrients and antioxidants; in just one tablespoon has 1% of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and copper; 6% of zinc and 33% of manganese
  • and further investigation into maple syrup yields three new lignans, a new phenylpropanoid, and twenty-six other phytochemicals

I don’t actually know what all that means, but it sounds impressive. One really can find anything to support an argument on the internet…