Farmacy: flowers and herbs that heal

I am so thrilled to be growing – or watching the earth grow – some of the wild flowers and herbs that go in to Magdalena Tomczak’s exquisite artisanal face + body oils and balms. Magdalena is the creator of Woman Divine and the master formulator of all of her products. How cool that some of the beginnings of these sought after balms start from seed right here on our farm! I love to think of some lucky person far away smoothing on one of these balms and conjuring up some of these beautiful flowers that grow up here under my watch. I encourage all you women out there to check out Woman Divine’s products; it’s the only way to really appreciate the quality of Magdalena’s craft. I am being 100% truthful when I say that even after close to 10 years of using her balms; I still feel like I am treating myself each and every day. Pretty good self care I’d say.

From our Farmacy to Magdalena’s studio: rose hips, rose petals, yarrow, chamomile, calendula and bee balm

Magdalena (left) and me posing and, of course, collecting, in our tick-proof garden outfits. Late spring 2019.

Magdalena is an artist in so many ways. Many of the photos on this website – the beautiful ones of flowers – like the echinacea and yarrow above are taken by her.