Pulled Garlic …sounds delicious with just about anything.

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you and all your cohorts and loved ones, well. I don’t think an email can be sent out anymore without acknowledging the unprecedented times that we are living. While things are topsy-turvy and tumultuous, in both difficult and hopefully good ways, I am so fortunate to be working among the flowers and vegetables and weeds and soil, insects, trees and sky. The rhythms of the earth remain stable (notwithstanding this age of climate and biodiversity crises). This morning the geese were active in the skies again; last week, the garlic was ready to be pulled. Soon, we will feel overloaded with tomatoes and then before we know it, the turtle eggs will hatch and these tiny, awesome creatures will start making their way to the creek.

I hope none of you have had to experience undue hardship and have some form of refuge that nourishes you.

The lovely garlic was pulled last week and just on time (thanks to friends Karen and Jamie) before a massive downpour. Now the bulbs are drying nicely in the big solar shed and I’ll start distributing the wealth in a week or two.
For those of you who have been my customers for a long time, you already know why you keep coming back so feel free to just click on the order now button below. The only thing for you to note is that the price is going up slightly this year for the first time to reflect the current organic market price for local garlic. Excellent, prize winning garlic, that is! I’m not sure if you’ll notice the difference but you may want to add on a few bulbs just to be sure

Here’s the usual reminder of what we grow. There are three varieties that I have trialed over the last 15 years and that I like the most. Susan Delafield and Red Russian are both hardnecks, Susie D usually has 4 large, easy to peel cloves, Red Russian has around 6. Sicilian is a softneck with around 8 medium to small cloves, that are terrific crushed. Susie D stores well. Sicilian is the star keeper – I’m just now finishing up the cloves from last year’s harvest. They become easier to peel with time too.  Red Russian looks great and should be eaten first.

I am again selling in bundles of $20. Please send me an email indicating the variety you want and the quantity. I will be back in touch to organise an August delivery.

As well as beautiful garlic, there are beautiful herbs and flowers.

These photos are taken on the land by Magdalena of Woman Divine. In my mind, Magdalena is an artist and master formulator. She uses medicinal herbs and flowers that I grow right here to formulate super nourishing balms and oils that truly feel divine. I have been using her products for a good 10 years now and continue to feel like I am giving myself a treat every, single time. And that is twice a day, every day! You can learn more about and order her artisanal organic skin care products on line at Woman Divine. Magdalena shares her recent visit to pick and collect herbs from our farm on her blog and instagram here. Have a look!
Thank you. Stay well and enjoy kindness.

One thought on “Pulled Garlic …sounds delicious with just about anything.

  1. Hello Anne and Andrew! So great to hear from you. I hope you are both happy and healthy.

    I will 2 bunches of each variety of garlic, and I look forward to seeing you soon with the goods!! Maybe you can even squeeze in a wee porch visit.



    Becky Rynor

    Phone: 613-728-4642

    Mobile: 613-316-5067



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