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Begin forwarded message:
From: Karen Smereka
Subject: OMG – ginger
Date: November 14, 2018 at 6:39:36 PM EST
To: Anne Janssen

I sliced and dried some of your ginger.  I just ground it and we compared it to store bought ground ginger.  NO COMPARISON!  YOURS IS SO MUCH MORE FRAGRANT!  ZOWIE.

Karen Smereka
Yoga Connection
613 267 7148

That garlic is AWESOME😊 Just thought I’d tell ya

– Chef/Owner The Twisted Fork, Perth (August 3, 2016)

When I eat your greens and all the other goodies I am immediately transported back to my childhood in Poland. You see, my grandpa was a farmer and I have spent many beautiful summers on his farm. I can appreciate the hard, honest work which goes into growing food and I can also appreciate the value of food coming from an organic farmer. So dear Anne, thank you so so much. You DO make our lives better.
Love you and your garlic too.
– Magdalena Tomczak, Aylmer

Those were the absolute best mushrooms I’ve ever had. They are an entirely different entity from the grocery store version. Delicious, soft and packed with flavour.
Thank you!!!!
– Susie Osler, Maberly

As a sauerkraut and garlic connoisseur  I can unequivocally  say that Anne Janssen`s products are superior to anything I ever tasted before.  She has been my exclusive source for these products for the past 3 years. The quality of her products has been consistent.  In addition to high quality  food outputs,  Anne also brings passion, care and knowledge to ecological issues and sustainable agricultural practices.
– Elisabeth Perz, Ottawa

I still have some of Anne’s fresh garlic. It’s still hard and juicy and tasty. I dried a lot (exquisite), planted some, and saved some for cooking. I say a blessing of gratitude for Anne every time I use the garlic. I love her dedication and attention to detail and the beauty and fineness of her vision. I hope to get more this year.
– Natale Ghent, Toronto

For so many years we have been greatly enjoying the foods you cultivate with so much
skill and love. The nourishing fruits of the earth that you provide us with are real
valuable gems. Each one is filled with nourishment. Each one emanates true devoted
care and respect. It is an exquisite treat to taste such fruit that has been cultivated
sustainably, in harmony with the earth, the water and the plants themselves.
As we eat from your garden, we feel that we join the harmony of the universe.
– Eliot Acuña, Aylmer