Garlic with grATTitude

Fresh garlic OMG

You know how it is. Smelling a fresh new bulb of garlic, cracking open a fresh new bulb of garlic, slicing in to a FRESH, NEW bulb of garlic…So tender and juicy, you can even eat the skins. And then there is the actual eating of that freshly harvested garlic. You can taste it, I know.

The garlic has almost all been pulled and I am very happy with the harvest so far. Here’s a reminder of what we grow. Two varieties that I have trialed over the last decade and that I like the most: Susan Delafield and Sicilian, along with a small number of Russian Red because I love their looks. Susie D and Red Russian are both hardnecks with about 4 large, easy to peel cloves. Sicilian is a softneck with around 8 medium to small cloves, that are terrific crushed.  Susie D is much like Music and stores well. Sicilian – featured in the photo below – is the star keeper and can last until next year’s garlic is harvested

I’m selling in $20 bundles again. Let me know what variety you’d like and if you prefer small, medium or large bulbs.  For those of you who constantly run out of garlic, may I suggest you stock up and avoid disappointment? It stores well – and adds art to your home: show them off in a beautiful bowl or upright in a vase, hang them from a high ledge somewhere. Just make sure there is air, the temperature is relatively stable and they are not in the sun.

Garlic Harvest 2019 Sicilian.jpg
Sicilian Silver – an Artichoke variety that stores super well

What makes our garlic GREAT? It is grown with extreme care and attention to detail by hand only. This year, we have been very lucky – no leek moth! This is a first since we started growing for sale 11 years ago.  Our solar powered fans are now ensuring that they will be well cured (unless you can’t wait that long) without the use of fossil fuels. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic.

Shiitakes 2019.jpg
Just like summer, the logs kept us waiting. But here they come. Always worth the wait. Fresh shiitake are so substantial. While supplies last!

Looking for more than garlic?

We have other goodies too:

  • “the best maple syrup ever” $24/1 litre mason jar
  • “the absolute best mushrooms – ever!” – Shiitake Mushrooms $5/115gram bag
  • the prettiest bouquet of Sunflowers $1/stem
  • and “you should have seen us eat the salad with your greens. It was delicious!!!” assortment of vegetables – please ask for a list of what the gardens are providing
This year we have ramped up our medicinal wildflower harvest and are supplying the wonderful with fresh flowers. Magdalena’s formulations are out of this world. An absolute treat. Woman Divine posts gorgeous photos (including of our flowers) here.