Our offerings

we live and love organic

Great Garlic – Sicilian, Red Russian, Susan Delafield

Farmacyherbs and flowers that heal

Shiitake Mushrooms – fresh from the log  $5 for 115 grams

Maple Syrup – boiled slowly and precisely over a wood stove with wood harvested and trees tapped in our Forest Stewardship Certified forest.

Kombucha – delightfully fizzy with just the right sweetness to offset the vinegary goodness. The black or green tea, ginger and turmeric is certified organic. Raspberries and Blueberries are either wild or grown locally without any chemicals. And our own pure maple syrup is the sweetener.  $7 per litre

Sauerkraut – Made with our own cabbage or certified organic cabbage from our cool neighbour and phenomenal farmer, John (Waratah Downs Organic Farm) and just the right amount of hand-harvested grey sea salt. Fermented in a ceramic crock the good old fashioned way. $10 per litre

Lettuce greens and other veggies – ask for our catch of the day and price list. If you need to get a visual, here are some pics from our previous gardens.

We deliver free of charge to the monasteries. Ask us about our Anjali program in support of the monastics.