Garlic is ready in all it’s glory

Garlic: Serve it up on a platter


Good morning friends. The moon is still setting outside as the glorious sun rises. We have had less rain than needed this summer and yet the Earth has continued to provide. We have a lovely hare visiting us at all hours this year. S/he is hanging out in the garlic shed; the sweetest little guardian.

I have honed in on the two varieties I like best, Susan Delafield and Sicilian, whilst keeping a small number of Russian Red and Music for those of you who must have your fix of these. Susie D and Sicilian are different: one is hardneck and one is a softneck. One scapes and one doesn’t. They are both super flavourful. Susan has about 4 large cloves and is easy to peel. Sicilian has around 8 medium to small cloves, that are terrific crushed. Sicilian lasts. In fact, there are still a few little Sicilians in my pantry from last year’s harvest. I grow smaller amounts now and am enjoying that; caring for the bulbs is less onerous this way.

This year I suggest you store or better said, display, your garlic on an open counter or table, out of the sun, in the middle of a room. Show it off on a platter. It is a prize possession. Like Andy Goldworthy‘s ephemeral land art: it will grace your home until it disappears back to nature from whence it came. And you might allow it to go out with a bang: as part of an artful (and nourishing) meal.

I sell by the bulb at organic market prices ranging from $1 for a wee one to $3 for a jumbo bulb. Most are between $2 and $2.50. Your garlic purchase is a statement. All your food choices are à la Michael Pollan. Two name drops in one email…forgive me.

What makes our garlic GREAT?

It is grown with extreme care and attention to detail by hand only. This year, the thick beautiful hay mulch allowed the bulbs to swell in spite of the drought. Little larvae are picked off by hand and the fans for drying are powered by the sun and turned just right twice a day. Little to no fossil fuels are served up on this diet. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic that tastes fresh, delicious and that will store as long as the variety and conditions will allow. Money back.


Andrew continues to refine the art of growing shiitake. We have a couple hundred logs in production now and the current crop is beautiful. And delicious. Earthy and rich. Would you like to add some to your garlic order? $5 for 115 gram.

“the best maple syrup ever” is what we hear and not just from our own family. There a few bottles remaining: 1Litre $22, 500ml $12 and $250ml $9. Pure gold.

Maple Syrup

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