good things come to those who wait

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones, a procrastinator perhaps, who has not yet stocked up on syrup from the woods. If so you are in for a treat. The season started late but in the end, the bounty was sweet.

Thanks to our partners, Rick and Suzanne, we have a snazzy sugar shack with refurbished windows and doors to look out at the beautiful trees; a stove that burns our wood efficiently and an evaporator that does its magic. Turning fresh sap into delicious syrup.

Our forest, including the sugar bush, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We use good old fashioned pails (well, not THAT old fashioned!) and fetch the sap with buckets by hand, walking along lovely trails.  We get the hardwood to fire the stove from our forest. Rick and Suz bring in the softwood from their neck of the woods just minutes away.

Taste the magic

Email me directly or pick up a bottle when you check out Woman Divine or The Happy Spine in the west end of Ottawa. Toronto folks, I am headed your way at the end of the month.

Flash back: making and EATING taffy with Jérémy, Lisa and Andrew during the 2018 season.

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