Garlic for life. And death

Susan Delafield

Garlic time again. The geese keep coming back in the spring and the garlic keeps being pulled in the summer. The routine is comforting. In spite of the crazy change of climate these past two years from drought to flood, we have been fortunate to once again harvest beautiful, nutritious bulbs. More details below.

This year all our garlic (and SUNflowers) will be sold in honour of my dear sister, Akka, who died on April 24th. She loved our garlic and was our champion in so many ways. Akka died at home over a 4 month period. Andrew and I had the great privilege of looking after her. She received incredible professional care and yet the lack of palliative understanding became achingly clear.

Our sales will go towards supporting efforts to bring hospice and its extended services to this area of the world, the place that Akka loved so much and was thrilled to call home.

Last October…planting this year’s garlic. Akka waving.
Thanks to the rest of the team: Pat, Melissa, Delia and Tracey
$5 /bag 115 grams

We also have earthy, rich shiitake mushrooms coming in and have been hoarding a nice big, bundle of scapes.

$5/nice big bundle




current favourite recipe

Scapes, mint, walnuts, maple syrup, yoghurt or kefir  and salt whipped up to your taste in a blender.
Put it in your favourite bowl garnish with a mint leaf and edible viola.
Et voilà. 10 minutes later, ready to dip in or spread.


baby zucchinis
super fresh whole garlic cloves
whole sage leaves
your favourite oil
bake at 350

Garlic Info
For those of you who know our garlic, you can skip over most of this. The only difference this year is that we are selling in bundles of $20. Why? It is so much easier to tally and process and, truthfully, most of you will go through $20 in no time and then just come back for more! (Of course, you can order as much or as little as you want but we really want to try this out). Our garlic is perfect both for planting as well as eating. We treat each and every clove and bulb with care from harvest to planting and all along the way, through cleaning, curing, transporting, and cracking. If a bulb is dropped, bruised or scraped or just lackluster, it goes immediately in to our own kitchen. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic that tastes fresh, delicious and that will store as long as the variety and conditions will allow.  There are six varieties for you to choose from. All of them are beautiful specimens.

Red Russian – large cloves, lovely colour, easy to peel,

Sicilian – smaller cloves, sharp taste and super long lasting

Susan Delafield and Music – large cloves and excellent storage

Persian and Ukranian – medium sized cloves, nice taste, good storage and great heritage

Deliveries of garlic to Aylmer, Ottawa, Perth and Toronto.
Sunflowers and Shiitake are for locals only, I’m afraid.
Please share with friends, family and colleagues.
$1 per flower in pretty bunches of 6

Click here to order.


Garlicisssimo. Time to order.


It’s that exciting time of the year again when the garlic that we planted 9 months ago is pulled. The birth of big, beautiful bulbs each year is always an event. Over 2,500 bulbs are now adorning our new farm house and solar shed, curing in the breeze and getting ready to enhance your kitchens.

If you’d like to order garlic, please email me at  I’ll be doing my first delivery to Ottawa and potentially Aylmer already next week, August 3. Toronto folks, I’m lining up a delivery your way too. For my neighbours in Perth and Smiths Falls area, connecting will be easy. Just email.

I sell by the bulb at organic market prices ranging from $1 for a wee one to $3 for a jumbo bulb. Most are between $2 and $2.50. Last year, I also sold larger quantities of smaller to average bulbs by weight as seed garlic. All my garlic is potentially seed garlic as every bulb is disease-free and has come from my own seed stock, except the Red Russian which I added two years ago from an excellent farm in BC.

What makes our garlic GREAT?

We treat each and every clove and bulb with care from harvest to planting and all along the way, through cleaning, curing, transporting, and cracking. If a bulb is dropped, bruised or scraped or just lackluster, it goes immediately in to our own kitchen. We guarantee you healthy, vibrant garlic that tastes fresh, delicious and that will store as long as the variety and conditions will allow. Whether you are planting it, or eating it, you will reap rewards.

More about the garlic: Many of you have come to love Susan Delafied – it has been my favourite for years because of the large, white and crunchy cloves that are super easy to peel. It stores well until about March but I have enjoyed it in May too.


Still easy to peel, but with a redder tinge and medium to large cloves, are the Korean Purple and Red Russian. Last year, I came to love Sicilian. The cloves are smaller with a sharp taste and they last forever. You are likely to still be eating Sicilian by the time the scapes come in next June but unfortunately, I don’t have many of them. If you are in a rush and want a big clove, Red Russian or Susan Delafield, are your choice. If you can take the time to peel a smaller clove, and savour the process, you’ll be rewarded by the lovely hues of the other varieties like Persian and Sicilian. Or simply order a nice mix of sizes and varieties.

IMG_20160720_202304197_HDRThank you to this year’s garlic harvesters including my 88 year old father, Gerard (Pap), who is redefining retirement, as well as Delia (harvesting at sundown), Pat, Melissa and of course, Andrewski. Thank you also to garlic guru, Paul Pospisil, who has been such a garlic mentor to me over the years. Merci beaucoup.


There is more to Creek’nTree Farm than great garlic!

Logs from our forest are sprouting earthy, rich shiitake mushrooms that are out of this world, our fields are producing fresh, nutritious vegetables and our kitchen is fermenting rich probiotic-packed sauerkraut and kombucha.

Would you like to send fresh vegetables or flowers to Tisarana or Sati Saraniya?  Let us know. We will deliver for free.




Garlic harvested and looking great!

Get your garlic on.

Thanks for all the pre-orders.

I hope this finds all of you well, tasting the fresh garlic coming in at the farmer’s markets. This is to let you know, that all our bulbs have now been pulled and are hanging in our new solar shed, curing beautifully. The crop this year is wonderful; I think the garlic has begun to adapt to it’s new home in the earth at “Shangrila Forest and Farm”. (2016 update: our new farm name is Creek’nTree Farm).

Thank you to all who have so kindly contacted me about placing your orders for this year. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is, as a wee-scale farmer, to receive your requests before I can even put the word out. Welcome also to the newcomers getting this email.

As usual, I will be selling according to bulb size which ranges from very small bulbs at $1.00 to very large at $3.00. There are three main varieties for sale, all of them hardneck: Susan Delafield (Heirloom, Porcelain), Korean Purple (Rocambole) and Red Russian (Marbled Purple Stripe). I also have a lovely soft neck, Sicilian, an Artichoke variety, in smaller quantities.

This year’s lovely harvest team: Ann, Tracey and Akka. Andrew is hiding somewhere.

I sell “seed garlic” for planting and “table garlic” for eating at the same price. Most growers tend to distinguish between the two because they keep their best, disease-free garlic for planting, but all of my garlic is of the same great quality. For the past six years, I have not brought any outside garlic in to the fields. Except… this past year…. I decided to introduce a beautiful Red Russian from BC. In BC they are lucky to not yet have the same issues with bulb and stem nematode as we have here, and this seed came from a super reliable source. I am excited to be growing it again and recommend it highly for eating. For planting too, but at your own risk (which I clearly think is minimal since I have it growing in my gardens now).

Andrew sowing this year’s garlic bed with oats and peas in preparation for planting late Autumn.

All of our garlic is grown organically; which includes incorporating cover crops, rotating our gardens, nourishing the soil, etc. etc. Most of the garlic stores very well, so long as you keep it in a relatively stable temperature with good air circulation. Hanging it as art on your living room walls is one idea, or upside down in a vase, is another. Be creative.