eSCAPE in to good food 💗

Remember these babies?!

Well, they are back. Earth’s annual solstice offering.

On pizza?

As a pesto? In pasta? Pickled?

Or my favourite and easiest: grilled. Whole on the BBQ, smothered in a nice oil and sea salt. Finger food.

Oh, and with Shiitake of course.

Simple Scape Dip 2017

Scapes, mint, walnuts, maple syrup, yoghurt or kefir  and salt whipped up to your taste in a blender.

Put it in your favourite bowl, garnish with a mint leaf and edible viola (as in the pic above).

Et voilà. 10 minutes later, ready to dip in or spread.

It’s not too early to order garlic: seed or table. The very best of what I have. 

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